The Fellow Travellers are: Skylar Gudasz, Brett Harris, Django Haskins, and a rotating cast of cohorts and coconspirators.

"The name "fellow traveler" is from the Russian word poputchik, meaning "one who travels the same path." Trotsky's 1924 book Literature and Revolution, in Ch. 2, "The Literary 'Fellow-Travellers' of the Revolution," states: 'Between bourgeois art, which is wasting away either in repetitions or in silences, and the new art which is as yet unborn, there is being created a transitional art which is more or less organically connected with the Revolution, but which is not at the same time the art of the Revolution . . . As regards a "fellow-traveller," the question always comes up: how far will he go? This question cannot be answered in advance, not even approximately.' " (with thanks to Wikipedia)


photo credits: Conni Freestone and Daniel Coston